May 10, 2009

Cover letter writing tips

Understanding the importance of an effective resume is crucial for every job seeker. However they should not underestimate the significance of a cover letter as well. A cover letter usually complements every resume, and it is the cover letter that strikes a manager’s eyes first.

The objective of every cover letter is to provide to the reader the reasons why you choose this specific company, present your relevant skills and abilities, and as a result get you an interview or some other response from potential employer. Please remember that just like with a resume, a cover letter must be unique for every recipient.

Contents of a cover letter

The first paragraph of a cover letter should precisely state the position you want to apply to, provide the source (where you learned about the vacancy), and concisely explain why you fit this particular position.

The next paragraph of a cover letter clearly explains how your skills, experience, and educational background relate to the company’s needs. Emphasize the points, work experience, achievements which prove you are an ideal candidate for the position. This way, you will show that you have examined the company, and you possess the required skills, knowledge, and experience.

To finalize a cover letter, you should request an interview or some other response (a telephone call, etc.). Be sure to leave you contact information. And finally thank a reader for his/her time.