March 30, 2009

Problem solving essay writing techniques

Problem solving essays require all your skills as a writer. You need to observe carefully to see if the problem exists. You many need to remember experiences that illustrate the seriousness of the problem. You need to investigate which solutions have worked or have not worked. You often have to explain what the problem is, and why or how your proposal would solve the problem. You might need to evaluate both the problem and the alternative solutions. To help you identify the problem and convince your readers of the soundness of your solution, keep the following problem solving techniques in mind.

Techniques for problem solving essays

  • Identifying and understanding your audience. If you want something done, changed, fixed, improved, or whatsoever, make sure you are writing to an approproate audience.
  • Demonstrating that the problem exists. Some problems are so obvious that your readers will readily acknowledge them (e.g. “war in the Middle East” or “alcohol abuse”). However, often you might first need to convince your audience that the problem exists (e.g. “food presertatives are a serious problem”).
  • Proposing a solution that will solve the problem. After convincing your audience that a serious problem truly exists, you must then prepare a plan, remedy, a course of action, the solution that will reduce or solve the problem.
  • Convicing your audience that your solution will work, and is better than alternative solutions. You have to convince your readers by supporting your proposal with sound reasons and evidence.